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Pioneer DEH-9350

There are many good deck manufacturers on the market. Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood and Alpine to name a few. Most people have their favourites. If you do stick with it. As new models come out, I believe the leaders change. I have had  Alpine and Pioneer. Not saying that other manufacturers products aren't any good, just I haven't tried them myself. I do however have friends with these alternatives, but me I am a Pioneer person now. Alpine to me are overpriced for what they are but are still very good head units.

What price should you pay for a deck?

First thing here is stay with the major brands. Even the base level in these brands will give you a decent sound. I know of people who buy expensive heck units ($1000+) and think they are going to have awesome sound straight away.

One friend recently complained to me that his $1250 deck sounded like crap. He was worried as paying so much money he expected good quality. I looked over the car a 10 year old Holden Commodore, complete with the 10 year old factory speakers and laughed. He said the salesperson at the shop said the commodore speakers were good quality, I assure you these were not. He was quite upset after spending $1,300 (install cost inc.) he had a basic sound. It did sound better than factory but a good set of speakers is also a must for any good stereo system.

What is the moral of this story? Do not overcapitalise on a deck, it's the overall system that makes / or breaks the quality. A fancy deck will give more features and offer lower distortion levels, but unless you have the equipment to take advantage of it you will never gain these benefits. But also don't buy a deck that is so basic that you will need to update later.


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